Crafted to meet your needs

While the majority of our work comes from providing gravestones, we’re able to offer much more. Plaques, memorials for pets, and war memorials are just some of our specialities, and we love to provide our customers with unique designs. W.P. Everingham & Sons Ltd has something for everyone, whether you prefer traditional or modern designs. Based in Hedon, East Yorkshire, our services are available in Yorkshire and beyond. Call us today to speak to our team.

What We Do

Whether you are looking for a traditional churchyard or a lawn-type cemetery memorial, we are always here to help. Our services include:

  • Traditional Churchyard Memorials
  • Lawn Type Memorials
  • Craftsmen-Designed Ornaments and Engravings
  • Hand-carved lettering
  • Cremation Memorials
  • Pet Memorials
  • Photo Plaques
  • Cleaning, restoration & repairs
  • House name plaques

Contact us, in Hedon, East Yorkshire, to find out more about our plaques and gravestones.

Get in Touch

We help to guide you through the whole process of choosing a fitting memorial. This ranges from selecting the initial shape and style to the type of stone and lettering. We’re also able to help with composing a suitable inscription.

We’re members of the National Association of Memorial Masons (NAMM), giving you complete peace of mind. All of our work is fixed to their strict code of working practice and complies with British Standard 8415. Our 10-year installation guarantee comes as standard, and our certificate of compliance is issued on completion of work. We also offer all-risk insurance to cover the cost of repair and/ or replacement in the event of accidental or malicious damage to your memorial.

Additional Inscriptions

Our craftsmen engrave additional inscriptions on existing memorials to match the original inscription, using either traditional hand-cut or modern methods. In most cases the memorial is removed and taken back to our premises for the additional work and cleaning to be carried out, and then it’s replaced when complete. Additional work often includes bringing the fixings of the memorial up to today's safety standards by fitting stainless steel supplementary dowels and an approved ground anchor system. This is all discussed with you when we take your instructions for the additional wording.

Before and After Gravestone

Restoration and Renovation

As memorial masons, we take great pride in restoring existing memorials back to their former glory. In most cases, we’re able to renovate a memorial to a condition nearing the original. When restoration and renovation work is required, one of our experienced masons comes to visit and inspect the memorial. A clear estimate is then provided and a timescale is given. In some cases stones may have degraded over time or become damaged to such an extent that you may require us to look at other options. Our experienced craftsmen help to explain these options in a professional and concise way. We are able to offer sensitive DOFF super heated water cleaning system. This system is widely specified by Conservation bodies and Architects for steam cleaning and conservation work, which is why we choose to use it for both War Memorials and individual memorials

plaques hedon, east yorkshire gravestones

Pet Memorials

We’re a nation of pet lovers, so it’s fitting that we mourn and mark the passing of a beloved animal or family pet, from a pet mouse to a horse. To help you with this, we’re able to design and produce a headstone or plaque to mark this sad occasion.

House Name Plaques

As stonemasons, we’re able to meet all of your ornate stone, marble or granite inscriptive building requirements. Whether you require a commercial or domestic plaque, we have something for you, including inscriptions, date stones, property names and numbers, and dedication stones.

Granite Garden Ornaments and Furniture

The typical granite furniture items include table and chairs, benches, stools, and garden ornaments. We’re able to design items specifically to your taste, giving you a unique product and service. The granite furniture is available in a vast variety of natural stone colours, including black, white, brown, red, buff, gray, mauve, and pink. We hold a small stock of items, and the details and prices of these items are available upon request